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2016 High School TDC






Thank you to all who attended and helped out yesterday with the Dick Dolloff Memorial Student Truck Driving Competition. The event went very well under the leadership of Vicki Kimball and with the Maine Professional Drivers Association members providing a lot of the legwork for the day.
          Along with all who helped out yesterday, special thanks to members Fern Richard, Warren Lewis, Roger Wilcox, Mary Ann Cupero, Nate Lewis, Ron Round, Randy DeVault, Matt Beck, Rob Fernald, Josh White, Hank Jewett, Dick Brown, Eddy Naples, and Jim Costa. I apologize to anyone I missed (please let me know if I did) but the event was a huge success as the students got so much out of the day in part because of the time and effort of our members.
          A number of our member companies also donated equipment, food, prizes, and personnel for the event. Trucks were provided for the driving and pre-trip portion of the event as well as a number of vehicles on display for the students to look over.
          Thanks to Ron Round, a tremendous amount of publicity was generated with three television stations providing coverage as well as one newspaper and a national magazine. You can see two of the reports from channel 6 and channel 8 news by clicking on these buttons:        


Again, thank you to all who had a hand in making this a great experience for the students and generated some positive press about our profession. We'll post more details and the winners of the event when more information is available.

Denis Litalien
Maine Professional Drivers Association